The Job Gym

Health & Safety

Health and safety is essential to us, especially in roles where learners may be working with potentially dangerous equipment and materials. We encourage our learners to take responsibility not only for themselves, but also to the people they are working with. We help our learners understand they must not do anything that puts them or their colleagues at risk. 

If a learner has an accident at the Job Gym, we ensure they understand they must report it to their tutor and get it entered in the accident book. We also help them recognise that they must make their tutor aware of any injury that happens outside work, or any ill health, which might impact their ability to work safely. This includes any temporary or longer-term mental health issues, which might alter the support learners need to work safely, or the effects of any medication. 

Learners are entitled to the same protection under the law in health and safety matters as any employed person, and have the same legal duty to obey safety rules. This includes blowing the whistle if they see any colleagues not following safe procedures in the workplace, as their actions could injure others as well as themselves.

The more we understand about our learners' individual circumstances, the better we are able to support and guide their learning. 

This has also become increasingly relevant during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We have released new updates to our procedures and processes which can be viewed here.