The Job Gym

Nico Carlyle

“By coming to The Job Gym, I've gained experience, skills and licences to help me build my future."

Learners come to The Job Gym from all walks of life, and with a variety of different needs to be met, and challenges to be overcome. We are committed to making sure that there are no barriers between our learners and the workplace, be it in terms of qualifications or helping you overcome your own personal obstacles.

This was demonstrated in the case of Nico Carlyle. Nico came to The Job Gym wanting to improve both his job prospects and his life. He had spent six months on the streets, and had been claiming employment benefits for many years. He had been out of work for five years, and had little hope for his future. He was struggling with social anxiety, depression, and was paranoid about being out in public.

Learning with The Job Gym helped Nico in many ways. He successfully completed four courses with us. These were:

  •        Warehousing Level 1
  •        Driver’s CPC
  •        First Aid
  •        FLT Training

Throughout his courses, he gained practical work experience, skills and knowledge to support him in the logistics sector, and achieved the licenses he wanted to support his career plans. More importantly than that, however, was the confidence he gained through learning with us, and interacting with other learners on the course. Through interacting with other people and getting the support he needed, Nico overcame his anxieties, and turned his life around. Happily, he also found a job after five years of unemployment!

When asked about any advice he would give to others considering joining The Job Gym, he said: “Anyone who’s struggling…they should come along to functions like this!...It’s amazing, to be honest! It’s like one big happy family. There’s nothing too big or too small that they won’t help you with.”

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