The Job Gym

Isidro Botey Biko


Isidro has come on in leaps and bounds, and is currently on his 6th course with us. He says The Job Gym 'feels like home' and is thoroughly enjoying his training.

Here, at The Job Gym, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to all of our learners, especially learners who come to us from international backgrounds. Isidro was one such learner. Having grown up in Africa, and lived in Spain for many years before he came to the UK, Isidro came to The Job Gym looking to gain a forklift truck license for a warehousing job in Stockport.

He met with one of our learner co-ordinators, Stacey, who outlined his course plan, the support offered to our learners as part of our commitment to them during their time with us, and helped define his career progression opportunities. This allowed us to enrol Isidro onto courses that would be meaningful and useful to him, as well as provide him with the skills and training he needed for his CV.

Isidro was enrolled on five courses with us, prior to his FLT training, as part of our Pathway to Warehousing. These were:

  • Warehousing Level 1
  • Warehousing Level 2
  • Facilities
  • Work Skills
  • Customer Service

This course progression allowed Isidro to feel secure in his career choices; gain a deeper insight into what life in the workplace would be like, through training in a live warehouse environment; and feel fully prepared to begin work. It also allowed him to make new friends and improve his existing skills in preparation for entering the workplace.   

When asked about his experiences, Isidro said: “Everyone here is so welcoming, and, I can say for myself, I am so happy because here, …everyone is so kind, so helpful, and treats me well.” He said training at The Job Gym ‘feels like home’ and that he was very grateful to have spent his time training with us.

Isidro is just one of many satisfied learners that we, at The Job Gym, are proud to support in their journey to employment. We are firm believers in eliminating all barriers between our learners and the workplace and are fully committed in supporting you in your career ambitions.

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