The Job Gym

Dave Greenwood


At The Job Gym, we encounter a variety of learners from diverse backgrounds. As part of our mission, we are dedicated to helping people get on in both work and life. We take this commitment to learners very seriously, and understand that our learners come to us with various serious needs that have to be addressed. This was demonstrated in the case of our learner, Dave Greenwood.

After leaving the workplace to commit to caring full-time for his wife, Dave Greenwood found himself needing to get back into work to support his family after she sadly passed away. He came to us wanting to improve his customer service skills after two years away from work, and to regain his lost confidence. When asked about his experiences with us, he said: “Everyone, from the receptionist through to the tutors, have been very supportive…They help you along and everything’s gone really well.”

Training at The Job Gym and Mantra Learning helped Dave find his feet again after great personal tragedy. He said that, from initial contact to his last day, he felt welcomed, and that everyone he interacted with made him feel like he was part of one big team. He also felt that there were people he could depend on and turn to, when he needed support and guidance. These positive experiences had a great impact on Dave, and he left us prepared for re-entering the workplace and provide for his family.

When asked about what advice he would give to others in similar situations, Dave said: “Don’t give up, get back in there! Don’t put yourself down. Everyone is different, and in all walks of life. You’ve just got to bite the bullet, and just go for it.”

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