The Job Gym

Customer Service Course

Jess, Fernando, and Linda are some of our many satisfied Customer Service learners, who wished to share some of their experiences with people investigating the course. 

Why Did They Take this Course?

Jess decided to take this course to boost her skills in telephone-based communication, and to help her get back into work. 

Fernando wanted to explore his passion for customer service, and gain meaningful qualifications to support his journey into employment. 

Linda was seeking a change in career, and decided that call handling was something she wanted to do long-term. 

What Did They Learn?

Over the course duration, they gained skills in communication, team-working, customer support, customer service programmes and software, and using social media to help customers. These are all essential skills employers actively recruit for, and are an absolute must-have for anyone wanting to work in customer service. 

What Did They Enjoy Most?

Linda reported that The Job Gym's focus on practical training was a huge confidence booster, and helped her feel secure going into her job searching. She thought that The Job Gym provided an excellent space for adult learners like her, who were unhappy in their former career and were looking for new opportunities, to learn and grow as professionals. 

Fernando said that working with The Job Gym helped him develop a sense of discipline, and helped him gain new skills he would use throughout his career. It helped build up his existing passion for supporting customers, and give him the experience he needed as a young person entering the workplace to compete in the job market. 

Jess found that The Job Gym helped her develop her communication and listening skills, and really enjoyed the chance she had to work alongside people in a similar situation to her. It provided opportunities for her to interact with others who could understand her goals and priorities, and helped increase her drive to chase career opportunities.

Also, they all reported that learning through The Job Gym gave them a sense of support and community that they'd been missing, and helped them meet new people, and prepare for the workplace. 

As Linda said, "the opportunity is out there... grab it, use it! it's good to learn new things!"

For more information about our Customer Service course, please visit our course page.