The Job Gym

Angela Coleclough


“If you want to change your career, I would definitely advise to start with The Job Gym.”

The Job Gym offers many pathways to our learners, and one of our most popular courses is Warehousing. Logistics is a large, growing sector, with many career opportunities being created every year. This pathway usually sees great successes for our learners, and it is little wonder it has become one of our specialities.

One of our warehouse learners, Angela Coleclough, shared her experiences with us.

Angela came to us unfortunately out of work, and seeking a career change. She wanted to go into logistics, and her contact at the Job Centre recommended our courses to her. Initially, she was concerned about joining our warehousing course, because she thought that it would be a very male-dominated environment, and that teaching would be conducted primarily in the classroom.

This wasn’t the case at all. Over her time with us, Angela found that there were more roles for women in logistics than she thought, and she enjoyed the chance to learn from women who had lots of experience in the field. Also, she spent many hours training in our live warehousing facilities, and she really enjoyed our practical, hands-on approach to learning. At The Job Gym, we want to ensure that our learners get the best possible preparation for the workplace, and this means that we try to give our learners as much practical experience as possible.

When asked about her experiences with us, Angela said that The Job Gym is “a great place to progress and learn new skills.” She also said that she felt that she had the opportunity to meet great people, and build her confidence and experience for her job search. She also reported that learning with The Job Gym helped her become more confident and outgoing, and taught her to be self-disciplined.

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