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Adam Leach, Malcolm Clarke Steels

Adam Leach, Malcolm Clarke Steels

Adam has worked at Malcolm Clarke Steel for a number of years, and came to the Job Gym to work towards a counterbalance forklift truck licence as part of our warehousing course. Adam was very anxious about training. He was discouraged and nervous about failing, due to various unsuccessful test attempts in the past.

Adam attended his first day, and met his FLT Instructor, Lee Knight. Whilst Lee was going through the induction presentation, Adam became increasingly nervous and anxious, and worried that he wouldn’t remember all the information. He explained this to his instructor, and Lee quickly adapted his training techniques to help reduce his anxiety levels, and to make the teaching process more accessible to him. By his second day of training, Adam became more sure of himself, and he grew in both confidence and skill throughout his time on the course.

Adam has now passed the course and successfully gained his FLT licence. Even more importantly than that, he found greater confidence within himself, and his ability to use a counterbalance FLT. He is doing well in his role, and is looking forward to future career progression and prospects at Malcolm Clarks.

Adam is just one of many successful learners we help here at The Job Gym GM. We hope to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of every learner who comes to us. Contact us here today to grow towards a new career and brighter future.