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The logistics sector needs more younger talent!

04 October 2021

The logistics sector is screaming out for younger talent!

The logistics sector has been stigmatised. Now when people think of the sector, all they think about is the moving of goods. However, transport and logistics is about the people – the people are the driving force behind the industry. The sector needs a ‘make-over’ and needs to step up in attracting younger talent.

The logistics sector is thriving. The effects of the pandemic have resulted in a shift in sector perceptions, with the realisation of its importance. The key workers revolution has seen LGV drivers being held in higher regard. However, the industry is being faced with an existential crisis – its current workforce is ageing, and there is no one younger to replace them. The sector is known for its ageing workforce, with 65% of LGV driver in the UK ages over 45, and driver retirement figures will keep increasing.

This week on ‘Undercover Boss’ the episode captures the MD admitting he is struggling to attract younger staff as the workforce is ageing. Mark Taylor, MD, says “My main reasons for going undercover is to recruit for the next generation.  We need to recruit now and we need to recruit fast.”



Why join the logistics sector?

With a greater demand for logistics workers, there has never been a better time to begin your career in logistics. A career in logistics offers the chance to earn £30,000 plus a year!

With the effects of the pandemic demonstrating the importance of the industry, there is increased respect, better working conditions and facilities for its workers. 


  • Pay increases. £35-40,000 minimum salary per year.
  • Stability and the ability to enjoy a level of certainty and security, that few other industries can provide.
  • The sector provides lots of opportunities for advancement and progression.
  • Greater respect for workers.
  • Geographically Flexible.
  • Normal working hours.
  • Sector conditions have improved immensely.
  • The DVLA cannot stop you driving at 66 – unless you have a medical condition.
  • Training


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