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12 February 2020

The Job Gym GM has recently been working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to support residents upskill their ICT skills and improve their employment prospects. The programme has been delivered at The Strand in the Kirkholt community of Rochdale, which has provided people with easy access to training and a chance to meet with other residents. 

Areeb completed the training and achieved a qualification and went on to say:

"By doing this IT course it has refreshed my skills, using different programmes and an amazing environment and working around professional people made this course easy to do and understand. Thank you for having this course locally so it’s easy for me to get to. I Can’t wait to do the next level at The Strand."



In a world where there are more digital devices than people, it is crucial that people have the skills to meet the growing demands of technology. The ICT programme supports people to develop fundamental skills in using Microsoft Office programmes, to using social media and everyday digital devices. 

Greater Manchester is striving to be the "leading digital city" of the UK and The Job Gym GM are supporting the initiative by helping people of all levels and experience to access training. Working with RBH, we have been able to deliver training to people in the heart of their community, Taz on the programme stated:

"I felt this was an excellent experience. The tutor was super friendly and made me feel very welcome. I would love to continue to the next level if possible."

Accessing training across the region can be challenging for people, so The Job Gym GM made a commitment to work with the housing association to support their residents and bring training to the heart of their community.