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5 Tips For Writing A Mind-Blowing CV

5 Tips For Writing A Mind-Blowing CV

21 December 2021

5 Tips to Writing a Mind-blowing CV!


Last week’s article looked at “The Great Resignation”, and almost a quarter of UK workers are planning to leave their current job role within the next few months. In response to this, we are running a series of articles that will help you with your job search. For more support on writing a CV, applying for a job, and interview tips, our free Digital Enablement programme gives you the perfect opportunity to brush up on these skills and find employment. This week’s article will be looking at how to write the perfect CV.

Imagine that a CV is like a TV advert, but instead of trying to sell a product to a customer, it is selling a person to an employer. TV adverts have just seconds to grab our attention and persuade us into buying the product, similarly, a CV works the same way. Employers might just take a few seconds to skim read over a CV and decide whether or not they want to interview that person. Writing a CV can be daunting, however, these tips will help you write a mind-blowing CV that will wow any potential employer.

  1.        Tailor your CV

Don’t be generic! When you apply for a job the last thing we want is for the employer to think we have just emailed a generic CV to hundreds of employers. Every TV advert we see is different to the next because they want to grab your attention, our CV should be no different. Find out about the role and the industry you are applying for and tailor your CV to fit that position. This allows you to highlight your key skills perfect for that role, rather than listing unnecessary skills and experience the employer is not looking for.


  1.        Keep it short and sweet

Make every word count. A CV should be no more than 2 pages, this can be tricky especially for those who have been working longer. By only listing key points, and focusing on your recent job experiences (unless necessary), you can ensure that all the information is necessary for the role you are applying for. Employers spend an average of 20 seconds reading through a CV, there can often be a large amount of CVs to read through just for one job vacancy, so keeping your key information short and sweet will give you the best chance of grabbing their attention early.


  1.        Check your spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar errors are a huge red flag for any employer, and can often be an instant rejection for the candidate who has left a typo or used the wrong spelling. If a candidate hasn’t taken the time and care to check through their CV, then it could often suggest that they lack the attention to detail needed for the role. Spelling mistakes reflect poorly on you, the CV is meant to sell yourself. Check through before sending, then check again!


  1.        Be Positive

Remember you are trying to sell yourself. Employers want to know that you are upbeat and have a positive attitude, your CV is your first opportunity to reflect that. Don’t just list the job roles and responsibilities you have done, sell them! There could be two candidates with the exact same skills and experience applying for the job and the language used will determine the attitude and confidence of those applying, which can make all the difference


  1.        Always write a cover letter

If you are serious about wanting the job, a cover letter is a perfect opportunity to explain why you are the ideal candidate for the role. A well-written cover letter that is tailored to the employer shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort to stand out. A cover letter is also an opportunity to discuss anything you have not been able to on your CV. However, if the job advert states to not send a cover letter, then it is always best to follow this advice. You do not want to annoy them!