The Job Gym


Pre-Trained Staff for Temporary or Permanent Positions

Whether your business is growing and you're looking to hire, or you’re just gearing up for peak season, The Job Gym can provide you with the people you need, ready to work, and fully trained with the skills needed to do the job.

No Recruitment Costs, No Agency Fees

We recruit and train people to work in warehousing, truck driving, and contact centre operations. The training is fully funded by the government, meaning there is not cost to you. We can provide staff on a temporary or permanent basis, and there are no minimum or maximum time restrictions involved.

Trained in a Live Working Environment

Our vocational training takes place in a live working environment. Because of this, our learners experience how to do jobs under real conditions and pressures, which helps prepare them for the work environment. Warehouse skills are taught in a busy warehouse, using live freight and the latest picking, packing, and materials handling technology. In our contact centre, learners get to call real customers on behalf of real businesses, and we ensure that they know how to cope with real-life workplaces. 

Roll On, Roll Off or Bespoke

We are constantly finding and training potential recruits, referred to us by Jobcentre Plus or from employers who are making redundancies. If you need to hire a large number of staff, we can create a tailored programme specific to your needs, as a Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAP). Our SWAPs allow us to provide training to your new employees, designed by you, and specially suited to your business. 

Additional Skills and Licences

If you need particular skills or licences such as PPT, counterbalance, reach, VNA, Driver CPC etc., we can look to build this into our programme.



“It’s worked well for me and the department, we’ve got some brilliant people through the Job Gym. We’ve taken on ten people so far - it’s helped me to get my costs per hire down by £300 per candidate so that’s had a fantastic impact on the budget.”

Direct Sales Recruitment Manager, Vitality Health

“We took on 35 people to put into Argos. The fact that they'd been through training with Mantra meant they came ready for work. Compared to others they had a better pick rate - their experience meant they were more productive on the warehouse floor."

Emma Butterworth, Transline for Argos

"I now use Mantra as my primary recruitment tool, giving me access to local individuals wanting to gain or regain full time employment with a career in the distribution sector.”

Danny Thompson, Team Manager, Lidl Runcorn