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Free Logistics Training

Free Logistics Training

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Why Choose Logistics?

Logistics was one of the biggest growth sectors in 2020, with annual salaries increasing by 2.6%. Employment rates in warehousing are at an all-time high. The recent pandemic has highlighted to the nation just how crucial these key workers are, which is why this is one of the most stable careers out there.

Why Choose The Job Gym?

The Job Gym trains people for lasting and meaningful careers throughout the North West. We have excellent facilities, including live warehouses, that operate using real stock, and staff that are industry experts. Learn more about The Job Gym here

Our Programme

Our warehousing programme is designed to support you into a successful career in Logistics. This 4-week programme includes: forklift truck licence training, warehousing learning, and work skills courses, tailored to help you reach your full potential. 

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  • Sector-specific skills training
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